Monday, January 15, 2007

Vacation Sketches and Review of Hand Book Journal

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My husband and I just returned from a wonderful weekend away. I had some time to do some watercolor sketches in the hotel suite and simultaneously test-drive the new Hand Book Journal that I got from Dick Blick. The one I got is 8.25x5.5", portrait format. I used it as an 8x10 sheet, painting across the two page spreads. This book by far exceeded my expectations! The surface takes watercolor quite well with minimal wrinkling and it has a wonderful texture for drawing too--not too slick and not too rough. The paper is thick; I'd say it's not quite the weight of Stonehenge with a similar surface texture. Highly recommended! I'm looking forward to trying it out with colored pencils, acrylics and gouache too. It's also available in a very cool square format, and in a pocket size version.


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