Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Beginnings of a Scavenger Hunt

Every 9 days, a new Scavenger Hunt begins in the Artwork from Life forum on the Wetcavas website. Members sign up to host, and from January 20-28, it's my turn to play host and select the list items for the hunt. For those of you who would like to play along, the basic rules are:
  • All items on the list must be sketched from life--not imagination nor photo references
  • Each object you draw can count for only one item on the list, no matter how many shapes/parts/colors that object contains. This was agreed to by unanimous vote among the participants
  • You may place multiple objects together in a painting, and may count those objects as separate list items, but no single object can count for more than one list item.
  • All items posted must be numbered. Count them as you go. The first item you sketch and post will be #1 regardless of its place on the list. Do them in whatever order you wish, but count them in the order in which you sketch them, from 1 to 26.

You can do as many or as few items as you like; you don't have to finish the entire list to participate!

The List:
  • shelves or cabinet
  • vase
  • bottle
  • pitcher
  • fruit
  • stuffed animal
  • something yellow
  • figure (doll or sculpture)
  • clock, hourglass or timer
  • brass or gold object
  • seashell
  • favorite gemstone or rock
  • books
  • box (can be small/decorative)
  • a tin (Altoids, cookie tin, etc.)
  • bowl
  • copper object
  • silver object
  • flowerpot
  • flower
  • leaves/greenery
  • plate
  • cup
  • musical instrument (real, decorative, or mini)
  • wooden object
  • drinking glass

If there are any items you do not have, feel free to substitute with whatever you wish. Try to come as close as you can to a requested object.

I have a special challege for this week. (The challenge is totally optional.) All of the items have been selected so that they can fit into a single painting or drawing. Yep, that's right! Get out that HUGE sheet of paper you've been saving. Even a large piece of newsprint or a cut up paper bag should do just fine. A full sheet of watercolor or fine drawing paper would be awesome. Use a canvas and oils if you'd like. You can do either all or just part of the list this way and still count it as completion of the challenge.
  • 1. Position the items on the shelves or cabinet. Take a pic to show us if you'd like. Select your surface to work on.
  • 2. Sketch/paint the items one at a time, or in small groups, just as you would for any other scavenger hunt. Take pics of your work as you go, so you can number them and show us the items as you do them. We will be seeing cropped versions of the entire piece as you continue to work on it.
  • 3. When you've finished, take a photo so that we can see the completed work with all the items you've included in the challenge.

If you'd like to post your images on Wetcanvas with the rest of the gang, here's the thread we're all posting to:

This should be great fun.


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