Monday, January 01, 2007

Warm Geometrics With Gold and two more ACEO mixed media paintings

Yep, I'm still playing with some abstract ideas, but plan to return to some more traditional artwork tomorrow.

Warm Geometrics With Gold, 2.5x3.5" (ACEO)
This painting is watercolor and ink with a gold metallic border and detailing, on watercolor paper:

Vacation Time, 2.5x3.5" ACEO
Ink and red acrylic, with silver metallic border and detailing, on watercolor paper

New Year's Eve, 2.5x3.5" ACEO
Neocolor II and ink on watercolor paper

$8 each via Paypal to, including postage within the US. Specify date (1/1/07) and title of painting with your payment and I'll get it right off to you. One of the advantages of acrylic, ink and watercolor is that they don't need weeks of drying time!


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