Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red Barn on Butlerville Road

Red Barn on Butlerville Road

10 x 8", Oils on Canvas covered hardboard
$245 unframed via PayPal, free shipping within US (email me for international rates)
This was painted from a photo I took in New Paltz, New York. I love the vistas there by the Shwangunk cliffs, with rolling farmland and old barns everywhere.

During winter break vacation, my daughter and I flipped over two Jenday Conures, and now have two more members of the family! They've taken up residence with Coconut and Mango in the upstairs studio. In addition to their endearing personalities and comic antics, I anticipate they will make ideal painting subjects! Please welcome the two girls, Lulu and Lucy.
(Click to enlarge image.)

Initially we were going to get only Lulu, but they have been caged together for a few months now and we couldn't bear to separate them. Lulu is almost a year old, and Lucy is 7 months. Conures aren't known for talking ability, but learn tricks easily and are quite affectionate.


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