Sunday, January 21, 2007

Work in Progress---Wall Shelf monochrome stage 30x24"

Wall Shelf #3, 30x24", oils on stretched canvas, monochrome stage
Click to enlarge:
I didn't get quite as far today as I'd hoped, but I finished the compositional stage and as much as I'm going to do of a monochrome underpainting. It's far enough along to start putting in color tomorrow and working section by section. You can see that I repositioned several items since yesterday. Because the canvas is a slightly different proportion than the actual shelf, and also to emphasize certain elements, I adjusted object shapes to better fill the space. I pull out the old Artistic License when I need to make changes. *grin*

Above is a picture of the still life area in my studio. I love having a U-shaped work area, because I can step far back from my easel to view the painting without tripping over anything, and everything is within reach. The chair is for the computer on the right. I prefer to stand when I paint, unless I'm painting very small. You might think the tarp is there to protect the carpet, but it's actually to provide additional cushioning for my feet!

I'll be doing this painting with just four colors and two whites, unless I make an addition along the way. I chose these particular colors based upon what I need to be able to mix for the colors in the setup, and also because I want to steer the painting a little to the warm side. I'll be using:
Winsor Newton Artist Cadmium Yellow
Williamsburg Cadmium Red Medium
Rembrandt Transparent Oxide Red
My own homemade Ultramarine Deep
Classic Artist Oils Titanium White
Winsor Newton Griffin Titanium White
I'll be mixing the two whites together in order to get a titanium white that will dry a bit faster. I'm not crazy about the consistency of the Griffin alkyd white, but mixed with the dreamy, creamy Classic Artist Oils version, it works quite well.

My little Peach-faced Lovebird, Mango, lives upstairs, but I have an extra cage down in my studio so that we can keep each other company. He likes to climb around the playset on top of the cage while listening to music and supervising my progress.


Anonymous Linda said...

Makes me wish I could come keep you company, too, and paint from your setup with you because it looks like fun! I look forward to seeing your progress...and eventually I will do at least one of those scavenger hunts, which I learned about through you. Too many distractions to get through first (sigh!)

8:56 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Its looking wonderful Jamie, I love how the monochrome looks. I'm tempted to join you too, but so much is going on lately! Lori

4:57 PM  

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