Sunday, March 04, 2007

Great Blue Heron in the Marsh

Great Blue Heron
6 x 6", Oils on sealed, primed hardboard
$100 unframed via PayPal, free shipping within US (email me for international rates)
This painting was done from a photo that my sister took on a trip to Florida years ago. Great Blue Herons visit frequently on the stream behind my house. I plan to paint one from my own photos soon, but this pic that my sis took was so beautiful and majestic that I thought I'd try hers first! It's amazing how green the Florida greens are. I rarely need to punch up greens with viridian or phthalo green here in the northeast, but in working from this Florida photo, I finally had to give in and use a tiny dab of viridian mixed into the green of the foreground.


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