Thursday, January 25, 2007

Work in Progress Image 5---another section of the Wall Shelf

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I've really been looking forward to painting this section with the figures, amber glass, and wooden clock. The little figures came with pianos and piano stools and were given to me by my dad, but they've temporarily suspended their duo to model for my painting. I got the beautiful hand-blown amber glass at a flea market. I saw it and just swooned! The wooden clock was a gift from a friend, and was made by her parents.

I still have a few little tweaks to do, but I'll do them as I move on with the other sections, or at the end. I'm sure I'll see more to do by then!

I thought it was time to let y'all take a peek at how the whole thing is coming along, so I've got two additional images for you. Below is the section I did today with yesterday's section.

Below is a picture of my studio with the setup and the painting. The painting isn't as wide as it appears here; that's the photo distortion at work, and one of the reasons why I prefer to work from life. There is an excitement inherent in working directly from the source. I'd be very bored painting this from a photo, but the character of the objects, the way the light hits them and the warmth of the colors, is something I can really feel when painting from life. It transforms the experience.


Blogger Frank A. said...

Hi Jamie
A very informative and entertaining blog. Congratulations are in order.
Your "Work in Progress" certainly is a very ambitious painting and IMHO, will be a very successful one.
Loved the bird! It is always fun to see into an artist's studio. Thank you for the privilege.

Take care, Frank.

10:34 PM  

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