Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The new Hudson Valley Painter blog banner

I'm moving my blog next week to its own domain name! I'll also be changing blog software. My designer suggested I come up with my own top banner for the blog, so I thought, what better banner for a Hudson Valley Painter than a panoramic scene from one of my favorite painting spots overlooking the Hudson River! I've done tens of paintings from this location. I went through photos this morning of this overview from Boscobel, taken through many years and seasons. The photo I chose from which to paint the banner was one taken on a chilly November day. This is gouache, painted on Fabriano artistico. It's 3x12, which is about the actual size of the banner, so I had to break out the teeny tiny brushes. Next I need to break out the Nikon to get a clearer image of it!

Not for sale at this time.


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