Friday, December 08, 2006

Painting and Showing and Painting and Showing

I started a painting today, but was disappointed that I didn't quite have time to finish it. Yesterday I finished the tweaks on my night painting from the day before, but haven't had a chance to take the pic and upload it. Hopefully I'll finish up the one I started today over the weekend, then will take photos of both and upload them here.

To those in the area, I'll be making the rounds at my shows over the next 24 hours or so with receptions and greetings. Feel free to visit and browse at:

  • Garrison Art Center, Member Show---Tonight from 7-9pm
  • Putnam Arts Council Belle Levine Gallery, Invitational exhibit of about 40 of my paintings---Saturday from 12-3
  • Bannerman Island Gallery---Five of my paintings in the show, reception is Saturday 4-6pm
  • RiverWinds Gallery---9 paintings left in the Buone Feste show, reception Saturday 5-8

Also, the owner of The Paint Box gallery visited my studio this morning and selected five more paintings, so she now has about 15 down there in Bedford Hills. Stop in if you have a chance!


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